Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Loggerhead Turtle Nest Excavation

On Friday 6th September, two Loggerhead turtle nests were excavated on the nearby beach at the village of Rapaniana.
In total, nearly two hundred empty shells were recovered along with twelve unfertilised eggs and four dead hatchlings.  It’s considered a good result for the nests but only one in one thousand hatchlings will survive to return to the exact same spot for nesting in around thirty year’s time. 

Channel for the hatchlings
Carefully digging down to the nest
Parasols on the beach are a major problem for the turtles which return to the same nesting area every three to four years.  Light pollution also causes confusion for the hatchlings which head towards the brightest lights after emerging from the nest.  This should be the moon and the ocean but can often be harsh lighting from nearby hotels and tavernas.

Measuring the depth of the nest

Empty hatchling shells

Archelon volunteers: have worked closely with local officials and hoteliers to combat some of these problems and one successful solution was to black-out paint one side of street lamps casting light away from the beach.
By Donna Southgate-Smith

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Another lazy Sunday afternoon by the pool!

Jo & Andrea 

Playing backgammon around the pool on a quiet Sunday afternoon is just another way of enjoying the Cretan sunshine in a friendly and relaxed environment.

It was a difficult match but, Jo eventually won the day!

By Donna Southgate-Smith