Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Greek Easter Experience

Traditional Easter Bread

Easter at the Mistral - culminating in a Sunday unlike any other!  From the devouring of a whole lamb and succulent pig barbecued to perfection, to red eggs and traditional music, evoking the passion and perseverance of life in the mountains of Crete.

Dancing the Syrtaki
By the time guests sat down to the feast, Easter had moved from Good Friday with Christ's funeral bier paraded through the streets, through the big mass on Saturday evening, when all lights are put out in churches at midnight signifying Christ passing through the underworld and then a mass of candles lit to declare his rising, to rejoicing and feasting on Easter Sunday. The red painted eggs symbolise his blood and rebirth. These are recklessly knocked together and the owner of the last uncracked egg is considered lucky. 

Every year the Gialamarakis family, extends unlimited hospitality to guests, relatives and friends. For the devout, Lent is over and Christ has risen and for everyone else spring has sprung.

By Linda Talbot

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